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Learning Support

Helping every child reach their potential

Learning Support

We have excellent Learning Support at Bablake that helps children overcome aspects that inhibit their learning.  There is no additional charge made for Learning Support. Our Learning Support Teacher works closely with subject teachers; the support structure allowing pupils to flexibly access help when it is needed.

The core lessons and support

Pupils who are identified as needing support are given help either individually or in small groups. Every effort is made to ensure that these pupils achieve all that they possibly can. Support lessons tend to take place outside the class subject areas of weakness to ensure complimentary learning and maximum effectiveness.

Everyone is different

Individual Education Plans are drawn up for relevant pupils. These are managed by the Learning Support Teacher and close communication with parents is essential in ensuring that this support is as effective and as rounded as possible.

Support and challenge!

Support with learning is not just restricted to those children who sometimes find the going difficult - it is our aim that pupils at the top end of the ability spectrum are also given support and challenge within their learning so as to further enhance their skills and achievement. This is an important aspect of both the specific support programme and differentiation within the class setting.

Strong relationships between pupils and staff create a caring and supportive community in which pupils achieve much and know they are valued

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