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As a school proud of its Arts Award status, Drama is a key part of the Bablake curriculum and co-curricular provision since it helps develop our pupils' artistic and creative skills, which are then transferable for a good number of social and work-related areas in and beyond Bablake.

Drama lessons allow pupils to:

  • explore life situations in a non-threatening environment.
  • understand and influence their society via character roles and situations.
  • develop individual and group communication skills, both in verbal and non-verbal expression.
  • develop their intellectual, social, physical and emotional feelings.
  • engage in issues relating to identity, societies, cultures, ideologies and gender.
  • participate in one of the oldest yet most dynamic art forms.
  • experience and understand the Arts.
  • learn aesthetically.

Our Drama department produces three main productions a year; most usually there will be a whole school production in the Autumn term, a Junior play in the Spring or Summer term and then a production in August at the world's most renowned drama festival, the Edinburgh Fringe. Bablake has taken a production to the Fringe since 1987 and 2015 will be its 29th consecutive appearance- surely unique for a school.

For more information about Bablake Drama, please see here.