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Across The Year Groups

At Bablake Pre Prep parents, pupils and staff work in harmony to ensure successful learning takes place. There is a family atmosphere where children are best prepared to take full advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.


Our Kindergarten classroom for children who are 3+ is bright, colourful and airy with displays highlighting the children’s many successes and achievements.

Teaching supports children in their first steps towards Numeracy and Reading and Writing through ‘Letters and Sounds’. The staff who look after Kindergarten are passionate about their work and the children thrive.

We have two small classes in Reception where early foundations are reinforced and greater structure and a traditional academic emphasis is introduced. Reading, writing and number work are at the heart of the programme. Staff encourage children to be good communicators and to develop problem-solving techniques. Alongside this, they are keenly aware that each child develops individually.

In Kindergarten and Reception, there are also plenty of opportunities for children to develop creatively, physically and socially. All children are carefully observed and their progress is monitored and shared with parents.

Key Stage 1

In Years 1 and 2 children follow an extended National Curriculum in small classes where their individual needs can be readily met.  The curriculum is broad and balanced and pupils regularly enjoy going on trips and outings to local places of interest. Pupils visit Bablake for several lessons each week whilst specialist teachers visit the Pre Prep to teach Music and Art. In Years 1 and 2, as throughout the Pre Prep, the positive interaction and level of care are very noticeable.

In the EYFS children are extremely motivated, confident and independent learners, who respond to school life with great enthusiasm and enjoyment.

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