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Entrance Arrangements

Junior and Pre Prep School - Admission & Entrance Assessment

Entrance to Bablake Junior and Pre Prep School is available any time where vacancies exist.

For Year 3 entry an examination is held in February of each year. As two classes in Year 3 become three in Year 4 it is always possible to join later. Entrance assessments for older children, or younger children at the Pre Prep, may take place on any suitable occasion or during a visit.

During their time with us pupils will make a considerable amount of progress. Our entrance assessment is about recognising a child's potential and not simply what or how somebody has been taught. Pupils come to us from many different backgrounds and have had varying educational experiences.

It is our hope that all of our pupils will go on to gain entry into the Senior School.  This is quite an academic challenge and we therefore accept children into Bablake Junior and Pre Prep School who we feel have that potential.

Entrance assessments in Reading, English and Maths are based on the work that will be done by the children at their current schools.  In Reading, we assess each child's skills in comprehension, spelling and grammar and we also ask them to do a little writing. In Maths, we expect each child to have a broad ability and a working knowledge of mathematical terms.

Pupils will also have to complete a non-verbal reasoning paper.  This test seeks to give an indicator as to their potential and suggests how easily they may acquire new concepts.

In advance of the Year 3 entrance assessment many children will visit us and perhaps spend a half day with us.  They usually want to stay longer! Older pupils visit for the day and are usually assessed during that visit. As well as sitting the entrance assessments, we will also contact your child's present school to get further information about their progress to date.

Pre Prep entry is also available at any time, again where space permits, although most children join the school either in Kindergarten (3+) or Reception (4+). Entry into Year 2 after the academic year has started is occassionally permitted in special circumstances.

From September 2009, Cheshunt School became part of Bablake Junior School as Bablake Pre Prep. As a consequence Pre Prep pupils can progress into Year 3 at the main school site without the need to take the normal entrance exam.  We therefore have a child friendly, informal assessment procedure for pupils wanting to join our school for the full time, pre-school (3+) year in Kindergarten or later into Reception, Year 1 or 2. It is preferable that pupils accepted into the Pre Prep have the long term potential to succeed at Bablake School.

To facilitate this process at the Pre Prep we like children to come into school for a morning to spend some time with their prospective classmates and to meet the teachers. The experience is planned to be a positive one; children join us from many different backgrounds and we are looking for potential. Your child's visit can take place any time over the academic year as we approach the date of their enrolment. For entry into Kindergarten this visit should take place in the Summer Term preceding entry.

If you would like your son or daughter to be considered for entry into the Junior School or Pre Prep, please complete the application form. We look forward to welcoming you into our school.