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Beginning a Bablake Education

'Individual attention in a happy environment' is the ethos at Bablake Pre Prep. A friendly school with small classes enables teachers to provide exceptional care and treat every pupil as an individual. This ensures that  children gain confidence and they begin to realise their potential. Parents are always welcome at our school.

An all-round education

The school has high expectations of its pupils within the setting of a balanced academic and creative timetable. The curriculum is broad with the emphasis on pupils gaining a good understanding of the core subjects but also offering opportunities for them to develop other interests and talents. French, PE, Music, ICT and PSHE are all included within the school day. Educational visits, concerts, visitors, sports days, fayres and other festival celebrations are also all part of the Pre Prep's exciting educational experience.

There is more to an education than the the core formal lessons. At Bablake Pre Prep children have the opportunity to take part in many extra-curricular clubs, all taught by qualified specialists, through which they can pursue interests and further expand their horizons. Tennis, Martial Arts, Football, Dance, Choir, Art, Computers, Speech and Drama and individual music lessons are all options which are available.

Spending time at the Big School!

In Years 1 & 2 our pupils go to the Bablake site for Games and ICT lessons. Pupils also learn to swim in the Bablake pool. These visits prepare them for the transition to the Junior School site at the end of Year 2.

Valuing all achievement

The school is proud of the pupils' academic and other achievements and rewards children for endeavour, progress and achievement through consistant positive interaction. Reinforcement of commendable behaviour is further enhanced during Assemblies and Prizegiving. 

An extended day

The school is open from 7.45am to 5.45pm. Aftercare and Funzone Holiday Clubs also help busy parents. These activities are run by our own staff so that even very young children can feel comfortable in familiar surroundings, taking part in activities run by people they know. 


Food is also very important to all of us and each day there is a choice of hot dinners provided by AIP, the award-winning national catering company which also provides meals across Bablake. The food arrives fresh each day and there is always a vegetarian option. Healthy snacks are eaten at breaktimes. Parents are welcome to provide a packed lunch for their children if they wish.

Holiday Clubs

A fun, structured and stimulating holiday club runs most days of the school holidays between 8.30am and 5.00pm.


Bablake is one of the oldest schools in the country, having been founded by Queen Isabella in 1344. The Junior School was added in 1991 and Cheshunt School became Bablake Pre Prep in 2009. This was the same year that Cheshunt celebrated its centenary. Bablake Pre Prep is a little less than a mile from the main Bablake site, set in a large and attractive Victorian house and situated conveniently near the railway station and not far from city centre.

Bablake Pre Prep

  • A place of excellence and enjoyment where the children co-operate and learn through work and play, in experimental, challenging and dynamic ways

  • A caring environment with high expectations of behaviour, where good manners are encouraged and expected

  • A place where different cultures are respected and understanding is encouraged

  • Communicates thoroughly with parents and promotes a family friendly educational experience built upon an effective partnership between staff, parents and children

  • A cohesive, continuous, integrated and evolving educational journey in which application, success and individuality are celebrated

Throughout Bablake we want all of our pupils to achieve academically, creatively and on the sports field. We want them to be stimulated by their learning, to enjoy coming to school and to be happy. We work with parents in helping their children to do their best and to achieve their all-round potential.