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Thursday 6th April

Headmaster's End of Term Letter.

Friday 31st March

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 116); Life Choices - Spring Term Newsletter.

Friday 24th March

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 115).

Friday 17th March

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 114).

Friday 10th March

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 113).

Friday 3rd March

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 112).

Friday 17th February

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 111).

Friday 10th February

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 110).

Friday 3rd February

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 109); Trips - Kingdom of Bhutan and Nepal (Information, Itinerary).

Friday 27th January

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 108).

Friday 20th January

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 107).

Friday 13th January

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 106); Consultation Evenings - 3rds, 5ths; Events - Organ Concert; Extension - NCS with The Challenge, Smallpeice Trust (3rds, 4ths and 5ths); Trips - CCF Range Camp, Ski Trip.

Friday 6th January

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 105); Consultation Evenings - GCSE Options/ Pastoral (3rds), Shells; Trips - Business (JumpIn), Geography ('Crime' - 3rds).


Friday 16th December

Headmaster's End of Term Letter; Curriculum - Science Gala; Life Choices - Autumn Term Newsletter; Trips - 2nds (PGL), Classics (Italy).

Friday 9th December

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 104); Curriculum - BBC Microbit, Reports (4ths, 3rds, 2nds); Examinations - Mocks (U6th).

Friday 2nd December

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 103); Curriculum - Sixth Form Update; Examinations - 5ths - Mocks; Trips - Italy.

Friday 25th November

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 102); Carol Service; Charity - Colouring Book; Trips - EMC English Language Conference, Ski Trip.

Friday 18th November

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 101); Charity - Winter Social (2nds and 3rd); Drama - 'Oliver Twist'; Examinations - MFL Speaking; Extension - EPQ Presentation Evening; Trips - CCF (Easter, Summer), 'Tapas Revolution'.

Friday 11th November

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 100); Careers - Preview; Extension - Christmas Lecture; Parents' Association - 200 Club, Christmas Fayre; Sixth Form - Information Booklet, Scholarships and Bursaries; Trips - Classics (London).

Friday 21st October

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 99); 4ths - Progress Reports; Book Fair; Music - Autumn Concert; Parents' Association - Christmas Fayre (1), (2), Christmas Pudding, Honey; Your School Mind.

Friday 14th October

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 98);  Careers - 5th Year: Preview, Parents' Brochure, Preview Workbook Presentation; Curriculum - U6th: History Conference, 5ths: Study Guides; Shells - Dyslexia Screening; Trips - L6JLS/ RGS Laser Quest.

Friday 7th October

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 97); E-Safety Presentation - Shell Parents; Magazines - Geography Review, Wide World; Sixth Form Information Evening - Tuesday 18th October; Trips - Beth Shalom.

Friday 30th September

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 96); 2nd / 3rd Year - Pastoral Evening; 5th Year - ADC, AMH, CRW, JR, LCW; Lower 6th - Curriculum, Gold Duke of Edinburgh Enrolment; Software - Office 2013; Workshops - Animation, Bereavement

Friday 23rd September

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 95); Co-Curricular - Equestrian Club; Exams - New GCSE Grading; L6th - Entry to Sixth Form; Open Morning; Parents' Association - AGM, 'The Diary of Anne Frank'.

Friday 16th September

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 94); Charity - Macmillan; Curriculum - Homework (3rds, Shells); Duke of Edinburgh (Silver Enrolment); Music - Young Musicians' Concert; Open Morning; Parents' Association - Christmas Fayre (Stalls - Charity, Profit); Pastoral - Conflicts Course, Information Evening (4ths, 5ths); Routes Into STEM Information; Shells Welcome Evening; Trips - Shells (Opal Coast); Vacancies - BJS School Secretary.

Friday 9th September

Headmaster's Beginning of Term Letter; CCF Biennial Inspection; Going Places; School Fees Refund Scheme; School Nurse; Trips - Bologna, Greece, Warwick Castle; U6th - Consultation Evening.

Wednesday 6th July

Headmaster's End of Term Letter

Friday 1st July

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 93); 3rds - Holiday Work; Drama/ Parents' Association - 'The Diary of Anne Frank'; Orienteering; Duke of Edinburgh - Introduction Day; Prefect Training; Trips - South Africa (General, Itinerary); Uniform - Shell to 5ths (General; Boys, Girls), Sixth Form.

Friday 24th June

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 92); End of Term Arrangements; Going Places; Hockey - Alex Hollway; Sports Day; Term Dates 2017-18; Trips - Gurdwara & Mandir, Thorpe Park.

Friday 17th June

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 91); Open Evening & Flyer; Sex Education Evening; Trips - Nagarjuna, Normandy

Friday 10th June

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 90); CCF Enrolment; Charity; Coachclass; Mouthguards; Music Concerts; Trips - Madrid.

Friday 27th May

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 89); 3rds - Social Evening; Careers Department brochure; Trips - Dr Faustus.

Friday 20th May

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 88); ICT - Code Academy, Workshops; Trips - CCF Water Sports Weekend.

Friday 13th May

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 87); 4ths - Duke of Edinburgh Assessed Expedition; L6th - Geography Lecture; U6th - Graduation Evening.

Friday 6th May

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 86); 5ths - Letter from Headmaster; Exam Arrangements - 5ths, L6th, U6th; Fieldtrips - Geography; Revision - 3rds; Summer Schools - Engineering; Transition - L6th to U6th; Trips - Thorpe Park (2nds).

Tuesday 3rd May

Sixth Form - Dress Code.

Friday 29th April

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 85); ICT - Microbit; Transport Booklet; Trips - Drayton Manor (5ths), Iceland, Madrid; Sixth Form - Proposed Corporate Wear, Reading Week (L6th); Sport - Social Evening.

Friday 22nd April

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 84); Pastoral - Your School Mind survey; Trips - Bath, Bletchley Park, Cosford, Thorpe Park

Friday 15th April

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 83); Examinations - Shells, 2nds, 3rds, 4ths; Sixth Form - Higher Education Evening; Trips - Black Country Museum, South Africa (Boys, Girls).

Wednesday 23rd March

Headmaster's End of Term letter; e-Safety.

Friday 18th March

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 82); Drama - 'The Musicians'; 5th Year - Head of Year, Headmaster.

Friday 11th March

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 81); Academic - ICT Controlled Assessment; Music - Easter Concert, Lunchtime at St John's.

Friday 4th March

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 80); L6th Consultation Evening - Thursday 17th March; CCF; Trips - German Markets, India; Transport.

Friday 26th February 

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 79); CEOP; Consultation Evenings - L6th Higher Education, Shells; Crystal Ball; Questionnaire - Parents, Pupils; Revision Conference - RS (U6th); Social - 4ths; Study Abroad Fair; Trips - Ski 2016, Ski 2017, St. Petersburg; Wasps Tickets; World Book Day.

Friday 12th February 2016

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 78); 2nd Year - Consultation Evening, Languages Choices; A2 Choices; English Study Day - AS, A2; Homework Survey; OBNO; Symposium Conference.

Friday 5th February 2016

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 77); L6th RS Revision Conference; Trips - India, Italy (Design & Technology), South Africa.

Friday 29th January

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 76); 4th Year Consultation Evening - Thursday 11th February.

Friday 22nd January

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 75); Careers Convention - Thursday 4th February; Easyfunding; Edinburgh Fringe 2016; Greece Trip 2016; PE Revision Day - A2, AS; Rugby v KHVIII - Wednesday 10th February; Snowdonia Fieldcourse; Yorkshire Visit - 2nds.

Friday 15th January

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 74); 5th Year Consultation Evening - Thursday 28th January; 5ths - 'The Challenge'Bereavement Course; Charity; Drama - 'The 39 Steps'; eCadets; Microsoft Office 2013; Parent Pay; Trips - Berlin (DT) / (History), Sri Lanka, Taizé.

Friday 8th January

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 73); 3rd Year Consultation Evening - Wednesday 20th January; Drama Trips - 'Lord of the Flies''Pocket Dream'; Representative Sport - Boys, GirlsSpring Diary (Pupils).


Friday 11th December 2015

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 72); 5th Year Revision; GCSE Options Evening - Tuesday 12th January; Wasps - tickets.

Friday 4th December 2015

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 71); L6th Interim Assessments; U6th Interim Assessments; Bablake Sports Centre; End of Term arrangements; Greece Trip 2016; Lunchtime at St John's - Thurs 10th December; Ski Trip 2016.

Friday 27th November 2015

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 70); 5ths- GCSE Mock Examinations; Art (Maternity Cover); Carol Service; Charity Parent PayChristmas Fayre Programme; Ski Trip 2016; Ski Trip 2017.

Friday 20th November 2015

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 69); CCF - Easter Camp; Iceland 2016; Music Trip - Paris 2016.

Friday 13th November 2015

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 68); 6th Form Scholarships and Bursaries; Art Trip - Istanbul 2016Extended Project Qualification Presentation Evening- Monday 30th November; Paris Trip 2016Shells - Dyslexia ScreeningVacancy- After Care (Bablake Junior School).

Friday 6th November 2015

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 67); Art Workshop; Berlin Trip 2016- DT, History; Book Fair; British Museum TripChristmas Fayre; Greece Trip 2016L6th Consultation Evening- Tuesday 24th November; Shell Theatre Trip; 'Sherlock'; Wasps tickets.

Friday 16th October 2015

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 66); All Souls Memorial Service; Autumn Concert - Thursday 12th November; Geography Review magazine; Hockey Camp; India Trip 2017; Physics - A Level Lecture day; Safe Internet Use; The HIIT Squad; Warwick University Orienteering; Wide World magazine.

Friday 9th October 

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 65); Chemistry Lecture; Music Trip 2016 - Paris; PA AGMYour School Mind.

Friday 2nd October 

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 64); Author Visit - Shells and 2nds; Digital Safety; External Clubs.

Friday 25th September 

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 63); Beth Shalom; Equestrian Club; Iceland Trip.

Friday 18th September

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 62); La Tasca Trip; Open Day.

Friday 11th September 

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 61); 4th Year; 5th Year Controlled Assessment; 5th Year; Arts Award(Shells); Charity; Henry V Trip; Literacy; Mathematics in Action; Music Scholars Concert; Opal Coast - France - Trip (Shells); Sicily Trip; Sutton Park OrienteeringU6th Form Tutor consultation; Warwick Castle Trip.

Wednesday 8th July 

Headmaster's End of Term LetterArt - Holiday Work (4ths); Maths - Holiday Work (All years); Pre-Season Training - Boys (Seniors)Pre-Season Training - Boys (U13s)Pre-Season Training - Girls (All years); Rugby Tour (2016).

You may be interested in seeing a PDF of our diary: Autumn Term - Pupil Diary. (Please note any changes will be shown in the interactive Calendar.)

Friday 3rd July 

Headmaster's Bulletin (No 60).


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