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Exciting Sixth Form Developments

Standing out from the crowd…

Sixth Form Centre

This is a very exciting development, as we completely refurbish and remodel the existing centre. The new space will be a modern and attractive working environment where students will also benefit from a new cafe, a common room, a collaborative study area and an independent study centre, enhanced by the latest technology. This environment will act as a bridge to the adult world of university, apprenticeship or work and encourage more mature management of time – whilst also maintaining the current feeling of community, with students leading the way at the top, and at the heart of the school.

The Bablake Advantage

The new A level curriculum has provided an opportunity to reappraise how we best prepare our Sixth Formers for life beyond Bablake. Clearly, their first priority must be to ensure the best possible outcomes in their academic studies, enjoying their chosen subjects and developing the habit of more independent learning, so important for higher education and their careers. Success and fulfilment in life depend on more than examination grades, so it is vital for our Sixth Formers to learn some of the ‘softer skills’ as they grow into innovative, well-rounded, generous and naturally self-confident individuals ready to play a significant role in a global community.

The Bablake Advantage is a wide-ranging and inspiring Sixth Form programme designed to enable our ‘graduates’ to stand out from the crowd after an enriching and dynamic Sixth Form career.

It will comprise the following elements:

      1. Academic core:

This will consist of three A levels, studied in-depth on a linear basis over two years, with the time dedicated to taught lessons increased for each subject in the Lower Sixth. Students will also have allocated study periods when they will be expected to work collaboratively and independently. Universities will seek evidence of a scholarly and committed approach and will base their offers on three subjects, hence the importance of aspiring to the best possible outcomes. Our brightest students will be offered the stimulation of an additional A level, either in Further Mathematics or another subject, and we shall give guidance on whether their interests are best served by this additional commitment and challenge.

2. Academic enhancement:

For the majority this will include the opportunity to pursue the Extended Project Qualification, an extended piece of accredited research designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity and to develop an academic approach to a topic which sits outside a student’s classroom syllabus and experience; unsurprisingly, universities value it very highly.

Some students may choose to study for an alternative qualification, and the following subjects are currently being considered (dependent on staff availability and student uptake):

AS level Law; a business foreign language course; GCSE Electronics; a finance course; the Trinity College Arts Award.

The British Science Association Gold CREST Award will also be offered, as well as the Engineering in Education Scheme – both outstanding research and development opportunities.

Extension lessons in subjects for which students show a particular aptitude or interest will cover topics beyond the A level curriculum, thus preparing them for more advanced study.

3. Co-curricular enrichment:

All students will be expected to take part in the rich co-curricular life of the school, developing skills which will mould them for life – whether in sport, music, drama or the numerous other activities offered. This will include weekly timetabled Enrichment in the Upper Sixth, with a deliberately unexamined programme of activities and lectures.

4. Life Choices and leadership:

The Life Choices (personal, social, health and citizenship) programme will be timetabled fortnightly, enabling exploration of important topics and affording time for personal development and reflection.

All Sixth Formers will be expected to benefit from leadership opportunities, in the house system, in the Combined Cadet Force and in a very wide range of prefect responsibilities as they ‘set the tone’ for the whole school community.

5. Community service and charity fundraising:

Students will be expected to perform some form of service and/or fundraising, either in the school or wider community, through the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme or another activity.

6. Work experience and careers guidance:

In an increasingly competitive world, careers guidance will be very important, and all students will benefit from advice from the Head of Careers, a range of careers talks and other careers-related opportunities. A dedicated course runs for those preparing for Medicine or related specialist careers. All students should undertake some form of work experience during their time in the Sixth Form, and guidance will be given.

The successful completion of all aspects of this programme will result in the award of a Bablake Advantage certificate, presented on Graduation Evening. Above all, however, the programme is intended to develop well-qualified, adaptable and caring young adults who will stand out from the crowd.

To apply to Bablake Sixth Form or to arrange a visit please contact admissions on 024 7627 1248 or complete an enquiry form


I just wanted to thank you all, everyone, all the teachers at Bablake for everything you have done for my son. He has adored his years at Bablake, you have all, all of you, made his life absolutely wonderful.

Parent of Upper Sixth Pupil

of all A level grades were A*, A or B! (2016)