Easter Anthem And The BBC's 'People's Passion'

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As a focal part of tonight's Spring Concert, which begins at 7pm in our Main Hall, the Junior Choir will be singing the Easter Anthem from 'The People's Passion'. The performance has been advertised on local radio (Stuart Linnell's Sunday morning show on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire) where members of the choir and teacher Mrs Cathy Scott-Burt (Music) were able to say what they enjoyed most about the Anthem.

Many of the choir mentioned the harmonies and versatility needed to sing the piece and Mrs Scott-Burt confirmed the enjoyment of the challenges in the music. Charlotte Byng summed up the thoughts of many of the members of the choir saying not only had the Anthem been fun to sing but the words were different and had brought a lot of meaning to Easter for her.

This piece will be sung by over 140 real-life choirs in Britain and around the world in Holy Week as part of a project between BBC Radio 4 and local BBC radio, but we believe Bablake is possibly the only school choir to be performing it.

A special professional performance, broadcast live on BBC Radio 4 as part of Easter Sunday worship, will form the culmination of the project to celebrate the Holy Week and we can confirm our choir has thoroughly enjoyed being part of the regional involvement. For more information on the 'People's Passion', please click here.

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