GCSE Results Published Today!

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We look forward to welcoming our GCSE pupils this morning from 10am in the Main Hall, hot on the heels of our record-breaking A Level students, to issue them with their results' envelopes. 

Mrs Sue Smith, Head of 5th Year, commented: 'Year 11 is a busy and demanding year for pupils in terms of commitment to their academic studies. I am proud of the hard work that this year group have put in, as well as the support they have given each other when times have been tough. I look forward to congratulating them all on their results and wish them well for the next stage of their education. They all have very bright futures!'

Mr Mark Woodward, Head of Careers, added his traditional advice for those concerned about A Level choices and grades:

'You must choose subjects you enjoy and are suited to; also ensure the combination leaves you with three strong subjects for end of L6th (Y12), if one doesn’t work out as planned. Don't underestimate the value of an A* or A grade in your third A2 subject if or when you apply for University.

Don’t take subjects purely as a means to an end and if you have missed out on strong grades for your preferred choices, it may mean they weren’t right for you anyway. A Levels stretch you and are not as easy as the media tries to convince you they are! Every year I see a number of pupils regret not choosing to study a subject they knew they were good at and enjoyed.

If you are considering a competitive degree course after A Levels, I would also recommend an A* at GCSE as a minimum grade to continue successfully with the Sciences and Maths at A Level, and an A*/A for Languages.

If you are disappointed with your grades, stop and think about how much you have already achieved. You are not a different person because of a sheet of paper with your results. Don’t panic! Talk to a trusted teacher, careers adviser, friend or parent about the best route for you.

Remember the 'skillionaires'- achievers often mentioned by the media who do not have A Levels or degrees. Results did not hold them back.

If you don’t fancy A Levels, there are alternative to A Levels and apprenticeships to turn to; employers are increasingly looking to invest directly in young people pre-university, though perhaps more so at 18 after A Levels.

Finally don’t worry about taking supposedly soft A Levels- they don’t exist! The best course for you will involve studying the best subjects for you. Employers and universities will be interested in you and your passion for your subject or the job you are applying for. They want to see evidence of your enthusiasm and passion- a piece of paper does not define you totally in their eyes.'

A detailed report on the day will be posted online by 9pm this evening.

Those in the 4th year, who sat their GCSE Mathematics, may see Dr Trish Archer- Examinations Officer- between 11am and 11.30am, to gain news of their grade.

(Photo collage from 2013 GCSE Results day.)

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