Bablake Reading Week- (2) Radioactive Isotopes Grab 3rd Year Pupils' Interest

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Ms Sam Holyman (Chemistry) writes about her Reading Week exercise on 'Radioactive Isotopes':

'My 3rd year pupils worked very effectively as teams to research and present very engaging presentations about how a radioactive isotope could be used to kill an enemy of the state.

  • The highlight of 3H was a group of pupils who encountered technical problems, but, like a phoenix from the flames, presented amazingly well and decided to use the new Interactive Whiteboard in Sc17 to annotate images.
  • The highlight of 3N was watching a group who had made a role play sketch of a conversation between friends discussing the news article.

Overall, there was some amazing work and brilliant 'assessment for learning' from the classes when they gave valuable peer-assessed feedback in line with the Science department marking policy.'

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