Bungee Maths!

Senior School Mathematics

Having completed their Y9 syllabus with time to spare, our top set Third Year mathematicians, under the watchful eye of teacher Mr Shoyeb Memon (Second in Maths), researched the technical calculations behind bungee jumping before attempting a practical test using elastic and water balloons.

Mr Memon explained: 'We modelled our 'humans' using water balloons and then calculated the length of elastic required to make it as adrenaline-fuelled as possible. The first set of calculations however sent the class back to the drawing board as the initial rides were a little misjudged. Much water was felt by all but, since the test run was completed on a gloriously sunny day, no-one really minded!'

The News Desk was reassured that a lot of high level Maths was done by all and the class thoroughly enjoyed it all.

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