Bablake Chemists Find The Right Formula

Senior School Chemistry

Nine of our Lower Sixth pupils, who sat the very challenging Cambridge Chemistry Challenge this year, found the right formula for success and are to be congratulated on receiving Gold, Silver or Copper certificates.

Dr Patrick Knight, Head of Chemistry, said: 'Our Chemists certainly had their resilience and ability to apply their knowledge to complex problems tested. In the first part of the paper they answered questions about a manufacturer's fanciful claims to have added an unusual form of oxygen, O4, to bottled water, while in the second half they were introduced to the important skill of following connectivity in complex organic reactions.

Particular congratulations go to the following pupils:

  • Gold: Yuchen Duan and Anna Knight.
  • Silver: Henry French, Christopher Tuttle and Ciara Wyman.
  • Copper: Nivaran Aojula, Max Chan, Ryan O'Connor and Emily Poole.



For anyone wondering why there is a Copper award not a bronze one, Dr Knight refers them to the Periodic Table!

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