Reconciling A Wounded Planet

Sixth Form Geography

Nine Bablake Sixth Formers joined Mrs Jo MacGibbon (Geography) at a ‘Reconciling a Wounded Planet’ conference in Coventry Cathedral earlier this term. 

With the conference addressing the actions required to ensure the future sustainability of the planet, the girls joined different groups to hear speakers share ‘Stories of Hope’ on the themes of community engagement, political engagement, natural resources, developing technologies, enhancing biodiversity and health, education and well-being.

Each group then spent time discussing the issues raised by their speakers and sharing ideas for making progress in the future to promote the sustainability of our world.  The girls participated fully in discussions, with three of them providing their group’s feedback directly to the full conference audience at the end. 

Mrs MacGibbon commented: "I received effusive compliments about the contributions the students made within their groups and the professional delivery of their feedback. Much food for thought was generated for all and the experience was an incredibly valuable one, taking the students out of their ‘comfort zones’ and requiring them to share ideas and opinions on challenging topics in the company of experts in their field."


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