Pupils Praised For Cell-Sational 3D Models

Senior School Biology

Bablake's Biology labs have just been treated to their annual delivery of cell-sational 3D models of specialised cells.

Our Third Year classes have certainly excelled (#nopun) themselves once again, as Biology teacher Mr Clive Mohamed has been keen to recognise, saying: "Every project has been exceptional and the pupils have clearly put a lot of thought and effort into producing such a vast array of different models. This year, the choice of materials has included wood, fabrics, polystyrene and even jelly!

Each pupil has displayed creativity and a clear ability to carry out independent research. I have been very, very impressed! I would also thank all the parents and guardians for their indefatigable patience and indulgence which have allowed such impressive models to be created."

Photographs show work produced by 3JEK.



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