Bablake Scientist Invited To Be Association Of Science Education Regional President

Staff Science

We are proud to announce that Miss Sam Holyman, Bablake's Junior Science Co-ordinator and Chemistry teacher, has not only been given a prestigious position in the Association of Science Education (ASE), but is also in the running to be chosen as one of 2015's top 100 scientists in the UK.

An academic author and keen advocate of innovative teaching and learning, Miss Holyman has also been sharing her skills at University of Warwick TeachMeets for just over two years. Dr Gaynor Sharp, ASE field officer, commented: “Our local committee asked Miss Holyman to become our West Midlands ASE President, as we thought it would be excellent to have a practising teacher as regional president.”

Annually the Science Council, in partnership with member organisations, compiles a list of 100 leading practising scientists in the UK. From explorer scientists to entrepreneurs, from teachers to policy makers, these people represent some of the best professional scientists working in the UK today. The list celebrates new talent and affirms those still leading the professional practice of science in our country. Miss Holyman has been nominated as a leader in the Teacher Scientist category, which the Science Council acknowledges is an oft forgotten part of the science community, made up of scientists who are working in schools, colleges and higher education and developing the tools for teaching and learning. 

Miss Holyman will attend the ASE annual conference in January 2016, to be held at the University of Birmingham, and has been asked to deliver a presentation at the ASE Midlands reception about herself, her work and her effervescent passion for science education.

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