Cracking The Code

Senior School ICT

Once again, Bablake marked Computer Science Education Week, with all pupils at KS3 taking part in the 'UK Hour of Code' activities. 

Mr Michael Bull, Director of ICT, said: "Pupils had the chance to program BB-8, R2-D2 and C-3PO from 'Star Wars' to solve problems as well as taking Steve or Alex on an adventure through Minecraft. The real creators of the software and films were on hand to give expert advice and programming tips through the use of video clips.

It is a fantastic initiative that gives pupils the opportunity to experience the world of computer science and programming and to begin to consider whether they think that computer science is a possible subject to choose in the future or even a future career to aspire to. Of course, the obligatory certificates were handed out to be displayed proudly at home. Fun was most certainly had by all! Have a go yourself, or find out more by visiting here."


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