Javanese Gamelan Comes To Bablake

Music Junior School

The Music Department has been delighted to 'host' a full Javanese Gamelan for the first two weeks of this month.

The Royal College of Music in London has a Gamelan that schools may borrow, and this is how this amazing instrument made its way to Coventry! Mr John Pawson, who works for the RCM, actually brought his own Gamelan to us - apparently, the RCM one is too heavy to take to the first floor of a building - and set it up in the EDM Rehearsal Room as well as giving a wonderful workshop for one of our Y8 classes.

Music staff worked with all second year classes, who have recently completed a project on World Music, including the music of Indonesia. They also involved many of our percussionists, as well as Bablake Junior pupils, in a chance to experience this amazing sound.

Pupils have learnt about the different instruments that make up the Gamelan, as well as having the chance to learn some traditional music and even improvise their own compositions using it. It was one of the most exciting practical experiences we’ve had for the Lower school and Junior School musicians, and one we will definitely hope to repeat in future years.

Year 4 enjoy a fantastic music lesson with the Gamelan

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