Celebrating National Pi Day!

Senior School Mathematics

Every year Second in Mathematics Mr Shoyeb Memon ensures his sets celebrate National Pi Day! This year, his Second year group even combined celebrations with January's Pie Day, as Charlotte Bull's excellent report reveals!

"On March 14th, our Mathematics class celebrated Pi Day with a challenge to learn 'pi' to as many decimal places as possible. We arrived at our lesson ready for the test, with lots of us hoping to achieve the highest score. Many reached around 20 decimal places and we thought this was reasonably impressive. However, it was then Zara Richards turn to try and beat these scores. She soon tallied an amazing 83 decimal places, smashing everyone else’s scores, to become Bablake's 2016 Cham-Pi-on!

Zara also surprised us by bringing in some small apple pies to finish our amazing celebrations, thereby helping us celebrate January's event! The next day we went onto Bablake's Main Field, where we were each given one decimal place to hold up. It was amazing how easily Zara was able to arrange us!

Our National Pi day celebrations were very enjoyable and we all learnt a lot. Maybe next year someone will beat Zara’s amazing 83 decimal places of 'pi'! The challenge has been set!"

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