Second Student World Fair Prompts Further Discussion

Senior School Careers

The return of The Student World to Bablake last term has undoubtedly prompted more discussion about university education abroad.

Over 20 universities sent representatives to Bablake on the night of our recent Lower Sixth Consultation evening and a welcome number of our students, as well as those from other schools in the region, enjoyed informative discussion with the advisers.

Mr Antony Adams, UK Operations Manager at The Student World, said: "It is always a pleasure to visit Bablake and engage with your students, Careers Department and senior staff. The delegates also enjoyed the visit, which took place towards the end of an exhausting tour. They all reflected how encouraging it was to see pupils thinking ahead and open to the idea of spending time abroad in their education beyond Sixth Form."

Mr Mark Woodward, Head of Careers, added: "After visiting ESADE in Barcelona last summer, the benefits of spending time abroad in Higher Education are very clear, whether as part or all of a degree. It was excellent to host our second Study Overseas fair and we are already talking to The Student World about our next shared initiative. We hope to host an event where our Fifth and Sixth Form students will be able to be presented with the advantages of study overseas and talk to individual universities."

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