Pupils Put Sugar, 'Smash', Flour, Twigs And Rubble To Good Use

Senior School Geography

Yesterday we reported on one of the recent initiatives in the Main Library, today attention turns to the Geography department that is developing Bablake pupils' knowledge of avalanches in its popular cocurricular provision.

This may explain why pupils eagerly attending Bablake's Geography Club were mixing layers of flour, 'Smash' potato powder and sugar on a polystyrene board late last term! Mrs Mandie Bradshaw (Geography) began the sessions with an excellent PowerPoint explaining how avalanches were created and the steps communities would take to protect themselves from the dangers.

The pupils were tasked with testing out the weight of their 'snow' against the friction on their alpine 'slope'. Having seen the power and potential devastation, the next stage has been for each group to build defences for their own 'village', working to a budget, on their own board. They have all planted 'trees' and added rocks and other defences.

The final results will then be tested early next term with an enforced avalanche, to see which group of pupils has managed best to defeat one of nature's most powerful threats.

We look forward to reporting on the final outcome!

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