Bablake Girls Win Gold In Chemistry Olympiad

Senior School Chemistry

Many congratulations to all Bablake's U6th pupils who participated in this year's UK Chemistry Olympiad, but we are especially proud to announce the award of two Gold awards and one Silver certificate, in this highly regarded Royal Society of Chemistry challenge.

Senior prefect and impressive sportswoman Ruby Griffin and star mathematician Anna Knight, who holds an offer from the University of Oxford, both landed a prestigious Gold award, while Sandy Duan, who came to Coventry in September 2014 from mainland China, received a Silver certificate.

Head of Chemistry, Dr Patrick Knight, said: "It is particularly pleasing to present two Gold certificates in one year as these pupils have been placed in the top 8% of an exceptionally strong field. To set their feat in perspective, there have only been two Golds awarded to our pupils in the last 20 years of our involvement in this Olympiad."

Mr Mark Woodward, Head of Careers and member of staff in charge of Bablake's Feminist Society, added: "Seeing Bablake's top three chemists this year are girls is excellent news for future employers and helps dispel the misguided view of anyone who still sees STEM or Science as an exclusively male preserve. It also proves Bablake's coeducational ethos is most definitely working!"

Well done again to Anna, Ruby and Sandy on this excellent achievement!

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