Highly Successful Mock Interview Morning

Senior School Careers

If you are wondering how an origami swan could feature on Bablake School's news feed, then let Mr Mark Woodward, Head of Careers (and Webmaster) explain more!

"Bablake's 23rd Mock Interview Morning took place yesterday. We took the decision to move it from its usual Autumn term berth to allow the L6th more advice for the summer vacation and attempt to avoid the increasing bottleneck of September Saturday Open Days.

As ever, I was delighted with the performance of the students who were pitted against a super team of interviewers, drawn from our loyal body of current parents and former pupils. I will be canvassing both the students and interviewers for their views on the event and will present two web stories in the vacation relating to their feedback. One article will include the advice of the interviewers, the other will set out what our students learnt from the exercise.

The origami swan adorning this article is proof that if you mention a skill on your CV, you might well be asked to prove it at interview! Well done, Albert Jie, for demonstrating that what you wrote in your paperwork was definitely matched by your impressive interview performance! It was the 'champagne moment' of the morning!

We are looking at adapting the event next summer to replicate a Multiple Mini test for medics and add further help with Oxbridge pre-testing, so I would be delighted to receive offers of assistance for these additions to what is arguably the most valuable morning of our students' life outside the classroom while at Bablake!

Thank you also to both our interviewers and L6th students for their excellent attention to this event."


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