GCSE Pupils Excel at Bablake

Senior School Examinations

Bablake School is celebrating another year of excellent GCSE results.

GCSE Results Summary

  • 100% of pupils achieved at least 5 A* - C grades, including English and Mathematics.
  • 64% of all grades were at A* or A.
  • 32% of all grades were A*s.
  • 21 pupils gained 10 or more A* or A grades.
  • 102 pupils took the exams.

Baht-Ammi Francis, Ria Patel, Jakevir Shoker and Deepra Sinha all gained an exceptional 11 A*s in their GCSE exams, with the last three also awarded a further A grade in Additional Maths, which they completed after achieving A* in their GCSE Maths a year early.

Many pupils have exceeded expectations with their GCSE results and have made great progress in their studies during their time at Bablake. Their achievements reflect their hard work, dedication and positive attitude, coupled with the support and inspiration of their teachers.

Headmaster Mr John Watson said: ‘Our pupils’ talents, enthusiasm and commitment have been justly rewarded, and they have succeeded in complementing their studies with a huge array of extra-curricular activities. They can continue confidently to the next stage of their education, looking forward to the many exciting opportunities ahead.’

Head of Careers Mr Mark Woodward added: ‘The Class of 2011’s GCSE grades once again make very impressive reading. Not only are they making an excellent impression in the classroom, but they all excel in other areas too: e.g. sport and the performing arts. Their team skills, initiative and charitable actions should already excite future employers, and there will be many more opportunities to enhance these skills in the Sixth Form.’ 

Top performers:

  • Ria Patel - 11 A*s and A in Additional Maths
  • Jakevir Shoker - 11 A*s and A in Additional Maths
  • Deepra Sinha - 11 A*s and A in Additional Maths
  • Baht-Ammi Francis - 11 A*s
  • Julian Wreford - 10 A*s and A in Additional Maths
  • Shivani Bodalia - 10 A*s, 1 A and A in Additional Maths
  • Olivia Kelly - 10 A*s, 1 A and an A in Additional Maths
  • Mathumye Sachchuthananthan - 9 A*s, 1 A and an A in Additional Maths
  • Leshanth Uthayanan - 9 A*s, 2 As and an A in Additional Maths
  • Rachel Worthington - 9 A*s and 2 As 


Bablake Students Celebrate Excellent Results

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