Year 6 World War II Day

Junior School History

Year 6 enjoyed a wonderful World War II day, complementing their term long History topic.

Being the 76th anniversary of the Coventry Blitz this week, it was the perfect moment to remember the struggle and conflict of life at that time. The children dressed as evacuees for the day and their classes focused around reflecting on Coventry during the war.

Earlier this week we slept under a super moon, as seventy six years ago the Luftwaffe planned their Moonlight Sonata. The children remembered this moment in creating a series of artworks which will be made into large scale pieces for the school hall. Year 6 studied John Piper's painting "15th November 1940" depicting the ruins of Coventry Cathedral, and then created atmospheric ink and charcoal drawings. Another group created a series of unique poppies in drawing ink, remembering each soldier that gave their lives as an individual sacrifice made for future generations, all those years ago.

The children also tried Spam sandwiches and finished the day in the 'Dance Hall' jiving and dancing to the Vera Lynn classic 'We'll meet again'.

Thank you to Year 6 teachers for organising such a wonderful and memorable day for the children.

Photos from the day can be viewed here.

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