2015's Costa Book Of The Year Next Up For Book Club

Senior School Library

Frances Hardinge's 'The Lie Tree' was the most recent novel to be the subject of discussion in Bablake's Senior Book Club.

Today's meeting in the Library discussed the 2015 Costa Book of the Year by Frances Hardinge,'The Lie Tree', a Victorian murder mystery, which has brought the author (born in Kent and schooled in Ipswich) very much to the fore. Any recent visitors to our Library may also have noticed that we have an excellent hardback edition of this novel with fine illustrations by Chris Riddell.

'Dark, thrilling and utterly original' (American author Patrick Ness), 'The Lie Tree' is proving one of our Library's most popular works of fiction, but for more information on other books up for discussion at our Junior, Senior and Alternative Book Clubs, please see our Library's website.


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