Festive Celebrations (4) Return Of The Chemis-Tree

Senior School Chemistry

Just as it is never quite time to enjoy the modern festive season until Michael Bublé's Christmas album has been 'aired'...

... Bablake is never quite as fully festive as it could be until the Chemis-Tree appears!

Lovingly tended once again by Miss Amy Hardie (Senior Science Technician), Mrs Sangeetha Raguram (Science Technician) and Miss Sam Holyman (Junior Science co-ordinator), the 2016 Chemis-Tree established its home with 3ISK in Sc14.

This year the chemical festive magic on show was dominated by molecular baubles, in contrast with last year's glassware, stand, boss, clamp and symbols.

We now await the 2017 version of our Chemis-Tree, which we are certain has already been very carefully planned!

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