Double, Double, Toil and Trouble...

Junior School English

'It is often asked whether a Muggle could create a magic potion, given a Potions book and the right ingredients. The answer, unfortunately, is no.'

This useful piece of information from Pottermore was very apparent at Bablake Junior School this week when Year 4 welcomed a Witch to help them create a magic potion in their Potions lesson.

Luckily the Witch wasn't as scary as Professor Snape but she did bring with her some rather creepy and scary ingredients!

The children were chosen one by one to help the Witch put the ingredients into a large glass vial - from pixie dust to werewolf hair - they were very brave and the visiting Witch was very impressed with their potion making skills.

As the last ingredient was added, the children, led by the Witch, chanted a growing potion spell - and it worked! The gruesome green potion grew and grew and grew until it spilt out of its container in a bubbling mass of white foam...a perfect growing potion had been made!

After the excitement of their potions lessons, Year 4 went back to their classes to write up instructions on how to produce a potion to make things grow. A big thank you to the wonderful Witch who came to visit us on her broomstick - we hope to see you again for another Potions lesson soon!

Year 4 Potions Lesson

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