Why Our Former Pupils Marched On London

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Last Saturday, a good number of our former pupils took part in the Women's March on London in support of women's rights and related causes - one of a series of rallies across the world aimed at Donald Trump - following his inauguration as President of the United States - highlighting statements made by him that had been deemed as anti-women or reprehensible in other ways. 

Bablake's Feminist Society invited graduate researcher Millie Ross, former school captain and editor of 'The Wheatleyan', to explain why she was marching with friends that included fellow Old Wheat Sophie Tumber. Here is her report:

"Last weekend I participated in the Women’s March on London, alongside tens of thousands of other women. This included a good friend from Bablake, and, whilst I did not know it at the time, lots of other people I know.

It felt good to be doing something to stand up for my belief that women deserve equal rights and, importantly, respect in a world where it feels increasingly that many others - notably those in elected and senior positions - do not agree with this view.

Since the march, which progressed through Grosvenor Square, past the US Embassy, to Trafalgar Square, I have repeatedly heard people ask: 'What was the point?' Part of the answer was 'because we can and should'. We have the opportunity daily to show solidarity in sisterhood with those who are less privileged than us, and to convey our message through whatever peaceful means necessary.

My main reflection since is that we need to go further in this. The march may have been inclusive, but the world is not; it is our responsibility to support our black sisters, our disabled sisters, our trans sisters, our Muslim sisters, and all those who continue to face adversity and challenges in their day-to-day lives due to the prejudices of our society.

We must be conscious of our own privilege and use our voices to be heard. And if they cannot hear us… we’ll shout a little louder."

(Photograph submitted by Millie Ross.)

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