More Reaction To The 2017 House Music Festival

Senior School House Events

The 2017 House Music Festival has elicited much favourable comment from everyone present on the night.

Traditionally Bablake's House Cultural captains always produce an excellent show directing and choreographing our younger pupils. 2017 was no different, as the following comments confirm:

"I feel very proud of all of my Wheatley students. House music is always my favourite event of the year, not just because of the fantastic talent that the acts showcase, but because of the real unity and spirit the event promotes amongst the students. I love seeing students of all ages working together, supporting one another and above all having so much fun." (Miss Jayne Simmons, Head of Wheatley) 

"What a fabulously uplifting evening! The house system at its best, with pupils of all ages working so happily and productively together – with the support of House Heads over a period of several weeks. Thank you to everyone for their time, effort and enthusiasm dedicated towards such a hugely important part of Bablake life." (Mr John Watson, Headmaster.)

Photographs from the evening are posted on our official Facebook page in running order from the evening: 



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