More Successful Arts Award Applications

Senior School Music

We are proud to report all our Senior School Arts Award candidates have been successfully moderated, following our first joint moderation event with Bablake Junior School.

Rosie Ingram passed her Bronze award, showcasing her work with Coleshill Brass Band, while Namuun Batkhishig, Charlotte Bull, Maddie Gallon, Maya Koria and Amie Shipley all gained their Silver award with an exciting, eclectic range of art, dance and music as their main art forms.

Sathvika Krishnan compiled an amazing portfolio detailing all her work towards her Arangetram - a Carnatic musician's final hurdle before being considered a professional performer - and justifiably gained her Gold award (to add to the Gold CREST award she received earlier in the academic year.)

We also had over 25 BJS pupils gain their Explore level, following some excellent art work with Mrs Marion Mason and the Herbert Gallery.

Congratulations to all pupils for applying themselves so tenaciously to the independent learning required for their awards; their work has really reflected their commitment to the creative arts.

And finally, thank you to Mrs Cathy Scott-Burt (Music, Enrichment Co-ordinator) who encouraged all our pupils so enthusiastically from start to finish with their projects.

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