Cryogenics Lecture Fascinates Young Audience

Senior School Science

As we end a school year, the final week's collapsed timetable and special activities help our students 'step out of the box' and think about learning in a different way. After the success of a supercool demonstration lecture from Dr Ed Guise in the Autumn term, he returned to wow and excite our Second Years last week.

Dr Ed Guise read Physics at Lancaster University and, after graduating, continued his studies with a PhD in the subject. He now works as a cryogenic engineer at Oxford Instruments, helping perfect super-cooled refrigerators like those used in MRI scanners. Amongst many other excellent demonstations in his lecture, Dr Guise smashed bananas after cooling them in the cryogenic fluid and cooled a super-conductor to the extent that it could levitate.

Miss Sam Holyman, Bablake's Junior Science coordinator, who organised the event, said: “This was my last full day at Bablake and I am so excited that I have been able to leave such a great school having been involved with one final science engagement event. Hopefully this and other events have helped our students see there are exciting employment opportunities in Science and Engineering.” 

After Dr Guise's lecture, the pupils then went to Computer Rooms and tried to communicate their interest in science by meeting the standard required to receive a Blue Peter badge, which will allow them free entry to over 200 attractions in the UK until they are16. 

This was Miss Holyman's final Junior Science event before she moves to her new post as Second in Science at Aylesford School. Head of Fairfax Mr Inderpal Kalsi takes over her role in September.

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