Careers Convention 2018

Senior School Careers

Bablake's 2018 Careers Convention offered students an excellent range of delegates, including over 20 former pupils, to consult about specific professions (from construction to medicine), exciting apprenticeships and dynamic degree disciplines in the UK and abroad.

Head of Careers Mr Mark Woodward said:

'There is a bewildering range of options available beyond Bablake and events like our biennial Careers Convention offer an excellent opportunity for students to be curious. The emphasis for students is to be curious and discover where their interests and skills may take them. More than ever, the jobs of the future are more than likely not to exist yet, and even the traditional professions await the exciting impact of technology and automation, so those students who are already looking beyond GCSE and A level will be firmly ahead of their peers who are yet to start this journey.'

Thank you to all the delegates for their time and insight into all the great opportunities available to our pupils once they leave Bablake.

 Bablake Careers Convention 2018. Photo credit Joe Harty.

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