Design Technology Expansion Continues

Senior School

Bablake's Design Technology department is looking to expand further, we can reveal.

After successfully merging with Food Technology at the start of the 2016-17 academic year, Head of Department Mr Chris West has been very keen to expand the technology umbrella further. Discussions therefore have been ongoing with Music and the merger should be in place for this September.

Mr West has stated he is very keen to promote the mutual benefits for the departments. For example, while his team will know begin crafting new instruments for the Music department, in turn our best student musicians will train Messrs West, Nicholson and Roberts in a range of exciting instruments.

In time, more information about the merger will, we expect, be posted in the summer issue of our termly newsletter, 'The Lion'.

NB Bablake Music scholar Harry Scott-Burt, now studying at the Junior Royal Academy of Music, is pictured training Head of Design Technology Mr West.



For those concerned about Mr West scraping his bow like a young child at their first music lesson or worried about him making severe saw cuts to the Music budget, please note the date! No musical instruments were harmed in this report either, as they were on loan from the Art department's stock of 'still life' items!

We are delighted though - and this is not #fakenews - that we do have exciting news regarding Music (and Drama) at Bablake; a new Director of Performing Arts was appointed during the Spring Term and will undoubtedly be introduced in a future Headmaster's Bulletin.

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