The Greatest Showcase!

Senior School Enrichment

This year the Bablake Symposium took on a new format with pupils being invited to take part in a showcase of their research projects during the summer term.

The aim of the Symposium is to stretch pupil interest beyond the classroom and to foster their independent research skills. Thirty Bablake pupils, from Second to Fourth Year, took up the challenge and have spent many hours researching their chosen projects ready to present their findings at the planned showcase event. 

On Wednesday 9th May, 'The Greatest Showcase' of pupil projects opened to visitors who were treated to a huge array of topics to explore. 

Mrs R Bilsland, Symposium Coordinator, commented;

'The pupils involved in the showcase were absolutely amazing and spoke eloquently on a wide range of subjects from Conspiracy Theories in today’s world to Archimedean Solids. Many of the presentations were interactive and we had great fun sampling spam sandwiches, watching self-levelling robots and avalanche recreations and eating planet shaped cakes while wearing tin foil hats. The students demonstrated a thorough knowledge of their chosen subjects and were able to answer in depth questions from members of staff. I look forward to next year when pupils will take their projects one step further!'

Headmaster, Mr J Watson, was also in attendance and said;

'I was mightily impressed not only by pupils’ originality and imagination but also by their understanding. Some had spent many hours during the Easter holiday researching their topic, writing about their findings and producing displays or even models. They were clearly fascinated by what they had discovered and were able to respond eloquently and enthusiastically when asked questions. The process of research was for them as important as the outcome. Thank you, pupils! You reminded me again of the joy of learning, encouraging us to unravel the endless mysteries of our wondrous world.'

Well done to all pupils involved and thank you to parents and Bablake staff who supported this excellent event.

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