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The Back in Time for School series continues this evening on BBC2 and Bablake is looking beautiful!

Bablake is the main location for the first three episodes of the series and we will see children and staff time travelling through more than 100 years of history so they experience school life in different eras. 

The pupils began their journey last week with the first episode focusing on the what school was like in Victorian times. Filming took place during the summer and parts of the school were almost unrecognisable due to the historic transformation for the series. The teachers had to leave their high tech teaching methods behind to get to work in a classroom kitted out with a blackboard, books, inkwells and even a cane!

The show has received a great reaction on social media, with many current and former pupils and staff sharing their own memories of their time at Bablake.

During the series, pupils will go from lessons in laundry and musket practice to classes on contraception and computers; from the strict discipline of a 1950s grammar to the radicalism of a progressive comprehensive. In each era, there will be new school dinners to try, new school trips to take and new ideas about what schooling really is!

There are 8 episodes in total and they continue on Thursdays at 8pm on BBC2.


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