Rounding off the half term with Trips

Senior School Trips & Visits

The half term ended with a busy day out for everyone on Trips and visits around the area.

We had some great photos and reports back from all trips and it was a great way for many of the pupils to enjoy a much deserved break from exams. Check out our social media for more updates from the trips and photos to come in the next issue of the Lion.

  • Shells headed to Warwick Castle for a day of history and adventure
  • Second Year was at the Black Country Museum
  • Third Year visited the West Midlands Safari Park or chose an Arts trip to Compton Verney
  • Fourth Year was split between a visit to Coombe Abbey and a Duke of Edinburgh trip lasting through the weekend 

The weather was great for all the trips and even lasted through the weekend for the DofE camping.

The Art visit to Compton Verney was a sun filled treat compared to the downpours of last year's trip. We had 44 pupils go along and they were treated to a guided tour of the exhibitions by the gallery staff followed by practical workshops in the afternoon. These workshiops linked in to the theme of the exhibition 'Painting Childhood, from Holbein to Freud'. The exhibition covered works produced form the time of the Tudors up to the present day.

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