Arkwright Scholarship Awarded!

Senior School

Edward Crossley has recently been awarded a prestigious Arkwright Scholarship and we offer him our congratulations on this great achievement.

Nationally, 415 scholarships were awarded this year, each worth £600 to the scholar and £400 to the school. Edward has been paired with the Sir William Lyons Charitable Trust, which will act as a mentor to offer help and advice with projects and allow him some factory visits throughout the year.

Edward tells us that the three-stage process was rigorous, but that he was confident in his work and tried to maintain his focus throughout. The process began with the submission of an application form and Edward was then selected to sit an exam in which he used his problem solving skills to produce solutions using only diagrams, sketches and drawings with annotations.

The final stage consisted of an interview at Loughborough University where he had to present to two highly qualified engineers, talking them through his GSCE projects and others that he had undertaken outside school.

On receiving confirmation of the award, Edward said, “It’s given me a great sense of achievement and I feel quite privileged. It drives me even more to become an engineer and increases my desire to develop products from my own ideas.”

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