Engineering solves problems

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Two of our Sixth Form Engineering Education Scheme teams paid a visit to their sponsor company Dennis-Eagle in Leamington Spa early in the Autumn term.

They spent the afternoon with their link Engineers and enjoyed a fascinating factory tour to see how refuse collection lorries are designed and manufactured. They were then asked to consider real life problems that had been set for them to solve. The teams had a few weeks to develop solutions before the next stage, which was a residential workshop.

The workshop took place at the University of Birmingham just before Christmas, where the teams made great progress on their projects, including building and testing their prototypes. They made use of the excellent facilities and technical expertise of the staff at the University and began to see real results for their hard work. 

The next stage is to further refine their models and begin preparing a technical report and presentation for the celebration day in early May.

The Scheme has provided the pupils with an excellent insight into University Engineering and also into the types of real life problem faced by professional engineers. I'm sure they would all agree that it has been a valuable and enjoyable experience.

Mr West and Mrs Heath

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