Support for Coventry Comfort Carers

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Students from 6PC raised over £1300 pounds recently for a number of causes which are championed by local organisation Coventry Comfort Carers.

The money was raised as a result of a sponsored overnight sleep out at school in late November. The students braved the elements and were amazed at the overwhelming generosity and support that was offered for their efforts.

The breakfast club scheme, which is hosted by St Columba's Church, will receive £900 of the funds raised. Mr Muir from the church came in to school to meet the students and accept the check. The rest of the money will be used to buy items from the Coventry Comfort Carers wish list, with some monies also being donated to a local night shelter. The charities support rough sleepers, those in financial hardship or anyone that wants to drop by for some company and a warm meal.

If you would like to donate to these causes you should look at the Coventry Comfort Carers Facebook page where you can find details for their GoGetFunding page or the St Columba's website.

Mr Cleaver

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