FAME - High energy and High quality

Senior School Junior School

We've had a review submitted from a theatre professional and we wanted to share their perspective - well done again everyone on the show; your hard work and enthusiasm shone brightly!

Lindsay Hunter
(Warts and All Theatre Company) 

"I came to see FAME on the Thursday night and was blown away by the entire show. From the actors on stage to the backstage crew to the band to the front of house experience - a slick and high-quality experience throughout. The energy and enjoyment of the cast shone through, with some lovely moments of humour, believable relationships and, of course, incredible singing and dancing.  

Elliott Eardly and Amie Shipley made an adorable Nick and Serena. I'm sure I'm not the only one in the audience who was 'aww'ing their every move.  Katy Davis filled the theatre with her incredible voice as Mabel and Amelia Hobrow's Carmen was sensitively played with heaps of raw emotion.  

All of the leads were strong and the energy and connections on stage an absolute pleasure to watch.  

However, the real surprise for me was Ashley Kabue whose performance as Ty absolutely blew me away. What a sensational combination of acting, singing and dancing. Ashley brightened up the stage every time she appeared.  

Overall, a lovely production that I really enjoyed. All the hard work and rehearsal time paid off and shone through at every stage of the show. A huge ‘WELL DONE’ to everyone who was involved. I hope that you all move forwards with pride and confidence after this amazing achievement."

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