Bablake Biology Success!

Senior School Junior School

In March, a number of our students took part in the Royal Society of Biology's annual Biology Challenge and we had great success overall!

The challenge is meant to spark interest in the natural world and biology outside of the school setting. The competition consisted of two, 25-minute online tests that were taken in school, under staff-supervised exam conditions during their lunch breaks.

Some stats from this year's competition:

  • Over 23,650 students took part in the competition
  • There were 367 schools that participated from around the world
  • From Bablake, we had 40 of our 4th Year students participate
  • We achived 3 Gold Awards, 9 Silver Awards and 8 Bronze Awards
  • We had an additional 10 Highly Commended and 4 Commended

Erin Keeling, who achieved a Gold Award with the highest score in our school, said, “I really enjoyed taking part in the Biology Challenge as it gave me an opportunity to apply what I’d learnt in the classroom to a wider variety of questions. It was both challenging and interesting, and required knowledge both from the classroom and beyond. I am very pleased with my result, and would encourage anyone thinking of taking part to do so.”

Mrs Alexander was in charge of our entries this year and she said, "As in previous years, it was really pleasing to see almost half the year group volunteering to take Biology ‘exams’ during their lunch break."

Well done everyone on this great achievement!



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