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We've heard from many of our amazing pupils about how they are spending their time during the lockdown.

The account below is from one of our Lower Sixth pupils, Theo. It demonstrates how, by reaching out and working hard, you can gain much in return.

“People have decided to spend the COVID-19 lockdown doing many different activities to keep them going. I have chosen to spend my time, while not doing schoolwork, in a temporary job in a local nursing home. Given the setting, it is vital to follow the Government’s rules, especially to self-isolate if you have any symptoms. This has resulted in over 70% of the permanent staff needing to stay at home for at least 2 weeks at various times and therefore the home has often been very understaffed. The remaining staff have a task even harder than usual, with PPE and social distancing regulations coming into effect, even while care is being provided. So, after sending out a plea over social media, the home recruited some new temporary workers for care work and to help in the kitchen.

I was one of the first of the new workers and they were so desperate for employees, that I ended up working an 8-hour shift on the day of my interview! The home is around 5 miles from my house, and the cycle there and back has certainly kept me fit without sport at school. Over the Easter holidays, I was working 6 or 8-hour shifts most days, but now that lessons have recommenced, I am working most evenings 6pm – 10pm and long days over weekends. The work there is difficult, with only 4 or 5 carers on duty trying to look after more than 20 residents, each with their own pills, creams, dietary requirements. Many are not being able to get dressed or even eat without 1 to 1 assistance. The home has not been left unaffected by the virus either, with 8 empty rooms in a once full home, which is very upsetting for both carers and residents. Out of the 11 residents who were in self-isolation in their rooms due to confirmed COVID-19, only 3 made a full recovery.

Working at the care home has been a beneficial experience for me, while being stuck in lockdown. I get to leave the house and socialise with people other than my immediate family, which is definitely refreshing! Also, to know that you are helping the community in a time of global need is an amazing feeling, with many of the residents expressing heartfelt gratitude to us coming to their aid. Overall, being a temporary worker in a care home is an incredible experience, which I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who can.”

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