Best Product Innovation

Senior School Junior School

Our Young Enterprise team – Clipsulate - has gone on to be named the company with the best product innovation at the Coventry and Warwickshire area Yourng Enterprise finals.

This follows on from our earlier story of 18th March 2020, The finals were held digitally and the judges were able to evaluate the enterprise based on their business proposals and earlier submissions and interactions. We are delighted for the team who have provided the video for us to share on the Bablake YouTube channel so you can watch Eddy Crossley presenting the product itself.

When asked about the experience, Eddy said, "I am looking at continuing the business separately from Young Enterprise and the school. Hopefully I will be able to bring Clipsulate to the shelves for people to buy and use. Lastly, just a massive thank you to Mrs Alderson, without her this wouldn't have been possible."

Many congratulations to the whole team!

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