More Stunning 3D Cell Models


Hot on the heels of 3N and Mrs Lorainne Alexander, who set the standard earlier this term, 3K, taught Biology by Mr Clive Mohamed, produced a super set of 3D models of either an animal or plant cell. Mr Mohamed explains further:

'The choice of how this could be achieved was left open to the pupils, allowing them to be as creative as they wished. 3K certainly rose to the occasion, producing a vast array of different cells in a host of diverse materials that ranged from wood to textiles.

The quality was truly outstanding and shows the level of ingenuity and effort these pupils injected into their work to achieve such amazing results. 3K should be truly proud of its creations, and the level of detail in many of the models exceeded that required at GCSE. In fact, it was so detailed that they could be used effectively, as teaching tools, at A Level.'

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