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Fees, Bursaries and Scholarships

We understand that a private education is a large investment for many families.

We offer our pupils excellent value-added experiences so they leave us in the best possible position to achieve success in their futures. At the present time about 30% of all pupils in the School receive some form of financial assistance either through the extensive Bursary Scheme or from a Scholarship. 


Termly and Annual Fees

(From September 1st 2022)

Age GroupTermAnnual

£1,911 – 3 full days
£2,548 – 4 full days
£3,185 – 5 full days


Pre Preparatory
(Reception to Year 2)



There is an application fee of £50 which needs to be submitted with the Application form (details of how to pay are on the form).


There is a deposit fee of £300 payable on acceptance of a place.

A deposit will be requested when a place is offered and this will be refunded after the end of the pupils final term at the School, less any costs outstanding. If the place is not taken up, the deposit is not refunded.

The deposit and registration fee are non-refundable in the case of subsequent withdrawal.


The Foundation awards a sibling discount if you have three or more children in Foundation Schools. If a pupil is in receipt of a bursary award that pupil will not receive the sibling discount. The award is 3% per child for three pupils, 4% per child for four pupils, etc.


  • Individual instrumental Music lessons – £15 -£17 per half-hour lesson.
  • Meals – An economical charge is made for breakfast, snacks and lunches. On average a two-course lunch costs approximately £2.75. Cashless catering is currently used for purchasing food in the school dining room, but pupils may, if they prefer, bring a packed lunch.
  • Educational visits – Parents are expected to make a contribution to or pay for various educational visits arranged by the School, departments or individual members of staff. A subsidy is provided for those who would not otherwise be able to benefit from these visits.
  • Public Examinations and Learning Support – No charge is made for examination entrance fees (apart from resits) or Learning Support, unless intensive support is required. 


Many of our parents take advantage of the arrangement we have with School Fee Plan (SFP) to administer a monthly direct debt collection scheme. The service allows you to spread the cost of your school fees over 10 months


The Governors award annually a number of Entry Bursaries. For more information please refer to our Bursary and Scholarship policy.


These are awarded in the light of both the entrance examination performance and a review of annual parental income. The level of assistance will be dependent upon gross parental income. Entrance Bursaries range from 10% up to 100% fee reduction. 


Bursaries which are already held by current students are continued into the Sixth Form, subject to the usual assessment of income and any other rules governing these schemes. However, a number of additional bursaries are available for students entering the Sixth Form. These are open to both current students and applicants from outside Bablake. Any current parents who feel that their financial circumstances may entitle them to consideration for a bursary award should contact the Headmaster’s PA for an application form. Parents completing an external application form are required to tick the bursary box and a bursary form will then be sent out to them for completion.


To apply for a bursary you will need to tick the 'Yes' box on the application form after the question 'Do you wish to apply for Bursary Assistance towards fees?'. Once you have ticked this box and submitted your application form we will then send a bursary form to you to complete. The deadline for 11+ Bursary applications is Friday 7 October 2022 and the deadline for Sixth Form bursary applications is January 2023 (TBC).

It is the Governors’ stated policy, through their Bursary and Scholarship Schemes, to give able children whose parents could not otherwise afford fees, the opportunity to attend Bablake and to remain at the School until the end of their schooling, which for the majority is at 18. Our pupils’ public examination results have consistently been amongst the highest in the area, enabling them to continue to the universities of their choice in a competitive arena.

Please note: bursaries and scholarships are only available to pupils applying for September entry into Shells (Year 7) or Sixth Form at the main 11+/Sixth Form entry points in the year. Bursaries and/or scholarships are not available for entry into any other year groups.


For more information please refer to our Bursary and Scholarship policy.


A number of Academic, Music and Art Scholarships are available for Shells (Year 7) entry. The award of these scholarships is based on the ability of the child and their performance in the examination and at interview. Academic Scholarship interviews Music Scholarship auditions will take place in November 2022. Also, potential Art scholars will be invited into School in November 2022. 


  • General Academic – candidates who achieve the highest overall marks in English, Mathematics and Reasoning, and who perform well at interview
  • English – candidates who achieve the highest marks in English, and who perform well at interview
  • Mathematics – candidates who achieve the highest marks in Mathematics, and who perform well at interview
  • Music – candidates who show exceptional musical accomplishment and who have reached the minimum academic standard to qualify for admission to the School
  • Art – candidates who show exceptional artistic flair and ability and who have reached the minimum academic standard to qualify for admission to the School

Please note:

For specific details about each of the scholarship awards please refer to the application form available from Admissions.

The Scholarship Award may be supplemented by a Bursary Award in appropriate cases.

Cricket Scholarships may be awarded from the Third Year (Year 9) to sportsmen or women who exhibit outstanding promise (normally at county level), as well as dedication to school cricket.


A number of Academic, Music and Sports scholarships are available for Sixth Form entry. These are open to both current students and applications from outside Bablake. The amount of the scholarships will vary, and in recent years has ranged from 3% to 30% of the School fee. For specific information about each scholarship, including how to apply, please refer to the current Sixth Form Prospectus.


We would have no hestitation in recommending Bablake to others and certainly feel you have given an excellent 'value for money' service.

Senior School Parent