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School Development

The purpose of Bablake School is to provide an excellent and stimulating education for boys and girls, by developing character, intellect and physical well being within a happy, scholarly and caring community.

Bablake is a school of which we are justifiably proud, with a highly dedicated teaching and support staff. The development planning process affords us the opportunity, in a continuous cycle, to review and improve, so that we can best achieve our aims and provide the best possible education for our pupils.

Staff, parents and pupils are often invited to contribute their views on the future direction of the school. The Governors, with Senior and Middle leaders, monitor implementation of an agreed Development Plan, and the very positive Independent Schools Inspectorate reports of 2008 and 2014 reinforced our planning for further improvement.

"The school has made significant progress since the previous inspection, underpinned by a culture of self-reflection and the desire for continuous improvement." (ISI, 2014)

The school's strategic objectives for the medium term are reviewed every three years and are currently as follows:

Staff development and teaching:

  • Ensure the recruitment, development and support of high calibre staff, dedicated to the holistic education of pupils.
  • Ensure challenging and ambitious teaching, with successful adaptation to a new curriculum and timetable.

Curriculum, learning and attainment:

  • Successfully implement a new and distinctive curriculum.
  • Foster a greater spirit of independence which enables pupils to thrive academically.

Pupils’ well-being, support and guidance:

  • Provide the proactive and reactive support which enables pupils to thrive mentally, spiritually and physically. 
  • Ensure the highest quality guidance and preparation for options, university and careers.

Marketing, admissions, outreach and communications:

  • Ensure that Bablake’s distinctive qualities are well and widely known.
  • Ensure the best possible experience of Bablake for prospective and current pupils and parents, attracting bright pupils at all levels of entry.


  • Provide high-quality, new facilities in accordance with the school’s educational aims.
  • Make best use of resources and finances to sustain development and progress


Facilities are good and there are lots of them which we use.