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Pastoral Care

A caring and secure environment

Bablake provides a warm, friendly and supportive environment where pupils of all ages learn together in an atmosphere of co-operation and trust. As a result, our pupils mature in a nurturing yet purposeful environment, able to face a challenging world, full of confidence and self-esteem.  

Throughout their time in the school pupils are in form units under the personal supervision of a Form Tutor. Our pastoral system places great emphasis on the Form Tutor and it is this member of staff who is responsible for monitoring the academic and social progress of pupils in his or her care. Working closely with Subject Tutors, he or she has daily contact with the form members and is in an ideal position to support and advise pupils, and encourage participation in school activities. The Form Tutor provides the vital link between home and school and is supported by a  dedicated and experienced Year Head.

We send home regular written reports of pupils’ progress, and we track pupils according to their potential. We invite parents in for at least two parents’ evenings annually; we actively encourage them to keep in touch with the school and welcome their getting in contact with the Form Tutor at any time. It is only through working together that parents and staff can seek to give our pupils the most effective support and direction. On entering the school pupils join one of the four Houses to which they belong throughout their time at Bablake. These provide a focal point for identity, co-operation and healthy competition, giving pupils further opportunities to develop skills and interests and demonstrate their allegiance and support. They also enable pupils of all ages to work together and learn from each other.

Bablake has a Christian foundation. Today, however, we attract and welcome members of all faiths and backgrounds, a diversity which enriches the lives of our pupils. An important part of growing up is a tolerance and an understanding of people from different cultures. Bablake provides a happy and open environment where all pupils learn together in an atmosphere of friendship and mutual trust, and where they are given opportunities to explore their place in life.

Through our teaching of Life Choices, pupils are equipped with the knowledge and information necessary to make informed choices, within a framework of traditional moral values.

It was refreshing to visit a school where children are still treated as individuals and their emotional and personal development sits at the heart of all that you do.

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