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Learning Support

Pupils with special educational needs may at times require a more specialised programme in some or all of their subjects.

The school places a high priority on the need to provide the best possible education for these pupils. This is a successful and expanding department providing support throughout the school.


We have a fully equipped Resource Centre with an open door policy, available to all pupils across the school, regardless of need. There is also an extensive range of teaching and support material available, which may be used by pupils throughout the school day.


Any subject teacher, tutor, Head of year, parent, outside agency or the school nurse may express concern to the Learning Support Department.

If a pupil is identified as having a specific learning difficulty, that student will be offered support from our specialist staff. This support varies from pupil to pupil and will initially involve Quality First Teaching and Strategies embedded into curriculum and teaching practices.  The amount of time/support given to pupils will depend on the need and the resources available within Bablake.

We are also able to offer the following support:

  • The assessment and referral of pupils where Quality First Teaching has not been effective.
  • Liaison with specialist outside agencies where appropriate.
  • Advice and training for staff, pupils and parents.
  • Meetings with parents to discuss their child’s needs and implementation of any adjustments required.
  • Liaison with public examination boards for the arrangement of any access arrangements necessary.

In addition, we offer an autism support group, which meets one lunchtime a week.


Bablake is committed to providing equal access for all pupils to a broad and balanced curriculum. A pupil's individual strengths and preferences are taken into account in addition to the advice of staff and parental requests.


Almost every Bablake pupil achieves exceptional things. Correctly, they see no barriers for their ambitions and believe in themselves.


For more information you can find our SEND policy on our information pages and you can contact Mrs Wing, Department Head

Staff know their pupils well and respond sensitively to individual needs. A caring atmosphere prevails thoughout the school.

Independent Schools Inspectorate