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Our Ethos

Bablake is an HMC independent co-educational day school, founded in 1344 and welcoming girls since 1975. An even balance of boys and girls have high aspirations, share rich opportunities and encourage one another in their endeavours. Bablake has a Christian foundation and ethos, but attracts and welcomes pupils of diverse beliefs and backgrounds. Its cultural and social diversity is a major strength of the school and lends it a distinctive character.

Our Aim - The Pursuit of Excellence

We aim to develop character, intellect, and well-being within a happy, scholarly, and caring community and to educate and inspire young people, so that they may lead full and responsible lives and shape a better world.


Our Values

We ask everyone at Bablake to live by our values and, by doing so, our community will be diverse, tolerant, kind, sustainable, supportive, and aware of the world around us. 


Responsible – We take responsibility for our actions, our studies, and our role in society. We do what we say we will. We act before being asked and consistently deliver. We prepare thoroughly for all tasks. We use our resources responsibly, developing and caring for the environment around us. We are committed to promoting peace and reconciliation. We encourage autonomy in all and seek leadership. We acknowledge and seek to resolve problems. 

Reflective - We are curious to other perspectives and value every individual. We foster relationships through compassion and empathy. We reflect on our actions and our studies. We are resilient and understand failure as an intrinsic part of success. We look for better ways of doing things and aim for excellence in all we do.

Respectful – We have a deep regard for each other and celebrate our diversity through an understanding of our shared values and traditions. We encourage individuals to stand up for what they believe in and to celebrate their individuality. We act with honesty, integrity, and kindness. We believe we can positively impact our School and local community, challenge prejudice and foster peaceful relationships.


The Spirit of Opportunity 

We are committed to providing opportunities in which pupils can achieve more than they imagined possible. We achieve this rich, broad, and stimulating education by balancing four strands: Pastoral Care; Academic Excellence; Co-curricular Enrichment and Community Service. 

Respectful of our history, reflective on the present and responsible for the future.