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The Curriculum at Bablake School

Bablake School provides supervised full-time education for pupils between Years 7 (Shells) and 13 (Upper Sixth).

Pupils gain experience in a wide range of subjects including:

  • Linguistic
  • Mathematical
  • Scientific
  • Technological
  • Human and social
  • Physical
  • Aesthetic and creative

Through their curriculum, all pupils acquire speaking, listening, literacy and numeracy skills. The principal language of instruction is English.

The Lower School (Years 7 to 9 – Ages 11-14) is based on Key Stage 3 of the national curriculum. The policy of the School is to provide all pupils with a broad education and to introduce them to as many academic disciplines as possible so that they can find subjects which they enjoy and in which they can be successful.

In Year 9 (Third Year) there is an option block system that allows pupils to choose to study specific Modern Foreign Languages and creative subjects. A booklet is issued in the Spring Term to all Year 8 pupils that explains these options.

From January of the Third Year (Year 9) all pupils are guided as to which GCSE subjects to take in consultation with tutors, subject teachers, careers staff and parents.

The Middle School (Years 10-11, ages 14-16) is based on Key Stage 4 of the national curriculum and leads to either GCSE or IGCSE. All pupils take the core subjects of English Language (IGCSE), English Literature (IGCSE), Mathematics, a Modern Language (IGCSE) (with some exemptions), at least TWO sciences from Biology, Chemistry and Physics (all IGCSE), a humanity (Geography, History [IGCSE], Classical Civilisation or Religious Studies) and, in addition, several other subjects are available from the option block system. Greek is also offered off timetable for a small number of pupils. The vast majority of pupils take ten GCSE subjects, though occasionally pupils might take nine by dropping a foreign language (or another subject) and instead attend Learning Support. Some exceptional pupils will take 11 if they study French and Spanish/German or take Greek. Top set mathematicians take GCSE in Maths at the end of the Fourth Year (Year 10) and take GCSE Additional Maths at the end of the Fifth Form (Year 11).

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Sixth Form Curriculum Information

Having experienced the other side of the coin in the past, it is always so refreshing to meet teachers who clearly love their job!

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